Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 1.4- Bouquet Ceremony

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie, Abby, Charlie, Jules, Asara-Bell, Astoria and Shana


Before we get to the Bouquet Ceremony, there are some shenanigans going on that you should know about. Remember the butler, Isaiah? Well, he really likes chatting up all the contestants but he has a particular fondness for Abby. Abby’s flirtatious nature appeals to Isaiah, I suppose.


I’ve caught the two of them flirting and hugging each other in a more-than-just-friends kind of way *multiple times*. In fact, Abby’s relationship with the butler has progressed to good friend status already- without any influence from me. She has no such relationship with the Bachelor.

On to the ceremony…


Sebastian: My first bouquet goes to Jules. I’m definitely attracted to Jules. After our first meeting, I thought we’d be pretty compatible. We enjoy similar activities and she’s definitely my type.  After our date, I’m certain I’d like to get to know her better.


Sebastian: My second bouquet went to Asara-Bell. While we don’t have all that much in common, I enjoy talking with her. We’ve had some great conversations and we’re definitely developing a relationship. I definitely have a crush on her.


Sebastian: My third bouquet went to Frenchie. She won the first impression challenge, so she had a guaranteed spot in this ceremony. But even without that, she would have made it. Frenchie is very friendly and easy to talk to.



Sebastian: My fourth bouquet goes to Shana. Shana is fun to be around; she has a goofy side to her that I really appreciate. She also loves the outdoors.


Sebastian: Charlie received my fifth bouquet. I really feel like I need more time to get to know her. We do have some things in common and I’d like to explore a potential relationship further.


Sebastian: Astoria is my final choice for this round. Astoria and I haven’t developed a relationship yet, but I feel like there could be something there. She’s simply gorgeous and I’m so attracted to her. I’m hoping we’ll connect in this next round.



Sebastian: This means I’m saying goodbye to Abby. Abby is a smart, pretty and fun girl, but we just didn’t connect. I felt like she was more interested in Isaiah,the butler, and Gregory, the housekeeper than myself.


Oh no! Another early boot for Abby! 😦 Poor darling got eliminated in Round 3 in Chauncey’s challenge. I hope Abby will choose to join us next time, and have better luck!


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