After the Bachelor: Angela & Chauncey’s New Addition

To follow the story of former Bachelor, Chauncey and his wife, Angela, check out the “After the Bachelor” tag.

A quick break from our current Bachelor challenge to check in with Chauncey and his wife Angela in Moonlight Falls!


Chauncey’s days are currently filled with writing novels and spending time with Angela, his pregnant wife! Yes, Chauncey and Angela are expecting their first child.


Angela keeps herself and Chauncey well fed and continually improving her culinary skills. During her pregnancy, Angela craved a lot of cookies.


Despite her cookie cravings, Angela did an excellent job of keeping herself healthy during her pregnancy including some light exercising.



Just after midnight during an autumn thunderstorm, Bryan was born.


Bryan has proven to be a highly intelligent little chap, but a very light sleeper. He has been a bit of a difficult child, requiring constant attention. Luckily, both parents are doing an excellent job of sharing the responsibility.


Though….Angela has taken to drinking more often. I’m considering selling their bar setup.


Angela also appears to be having some hormonal after effects from the pregnancy. Angela, Chauncey and Bryan went to a party at Chauncey’s coworkers house (a vampire, of course). Angela immediately became attracted to the man picture above. Seriously crushing on him.



The man wasn’t even wearing any shoes. Perhaps she was attracted to his free spirit?


However, she also got a huge crush on this man. Ugh. Seriously? Let’s hope it’s just some hormonal phase. Chauncey’s been trying to get a promotion at work so perhaps she is feeling lonely? Hopefully, this will sort itself out soon.


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