Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 1.2- The First Impression Winner and A Date

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie, Abby, Charlie, Jules, Asara-Bell, Astoria and Shana


When we left off, Sebastian was meeting the ladies for the first time in the “First Impressions Challenge”



I think this whole process was a bit overwhelming for poor Sebastian. He seems quite exhausted.


While Sebastian was chatting to each contestant, the others made excellent use of their time enjoying the pool…

Screenshot-446…and the hot tub.



Ultimately, the first impression bouquet went to Frenchie. Hmm…she won a lot of challenges with Chauncey as well…interesting. Frenchie appears to be very easy to talk to and is well-liked by most people she meets. She seems to value her relationships with others and is always making friends. The question is…will she be able to turn it into more than friendship this time?


Despite getting the “first impression” bouquet, Frenchie was not Sebastian’s first pick for a one-on-one date. For his date at the Discotech, Sebastian chose Jules. Out of all the contestants, Sebastian is most attracted to Jules (at the moment, at least).


Jules and Sebastian chatted for awhile…



…and then danced the rest of the date…seriously, they danced for about 5 hours straight. It was crazy! Unfortunately, no sparks were flying, but the date still went alright.



A bit of drama is starting to unfold at the mansion, however. A butler, named Isaiah, was hired to take care of keeping the house tidy, providing food, etc…, but he also seems to be taking on the role of friend and confidant to many of the contestants.



Isaiah hangs out with the ladies more than the Bachelor does. He swims in the pool and visits their rooms.



Frenchie, in particular, has a fondness for him. In fact, a few of the contestants appear to be more interested in the butler than in the Bachelor.

Next up: Checking in with Angela and Chauncey!


2 thoughts on “Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 1.2- The First Impression Winner and A Date

    • I’m glad since I tend to go where the Sims take the story. In this particular case, don’t get your hopes up, but in the future, it is completely within the realm of possibility.

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