Sebastian’s Bachelor Challenge: Round 1.1- Finally!

Finally had the opportunity to do some Simming and a chance to write up a post!

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Contestants Remaining: Frenchie, Abby, Charlie, Jules, Asara-Bell, Astoria and Shana


Immediately after she arrived at the Mansion, Abby found the trampoline. Given her love of fairy tales and unicorns, one could assume that this behavior fits well with her active and imaginative personality!


Our slightly more serious (i.e., career driven) Charlie found her home next to the book shelf.


The following morning, the first day of the competition, Sebastian started off with a phone call to his best friend, Liam, for some advice.


Some of the ladies start their day off by playing pajama football in the backyard.


As always, the first day of the competition is the “First Impression” challenge. Each of the contestants gets a brief interview with the Bachelor, after which he’ll give a bouquet to the contestant he definitely wants to keep around for a little while longer. That contestant will be safe from elimination this round. Sebastian decided to wear his uniform for the day…so the ladies could get a better feel for what he did for a living, and who doesn’t like a man in uniform? Unfortunately, he made the mistake of standing on a hill to interview Abby, so he looks significantly shorter than her!


Each of the contestants chatted with the Bachelor about something that interests them…from exercising to science.


All the conversations went well, though some contestants refused to give other contestants privacy.

Screenshot-441 Screenshot-442

Hmm…Sebastian must not be too fond of literature since it looks like Charlie is putting him to sleep.



A staring contest?

As I said, all the conversations went well. No one did anything awkward or embarrassing, and there was no drama. Hopefully this group doesn’t stay this boring! Sure, it’d be great for Sebastian if he had some drama-free mature women, but that won’t be very interesting for us! This bouquet will just come down to who was the most interesting to talk to…

Tune in next time to see who won the first impression bouquet!


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