Contestant #7: Shana Noble

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Now to introduce our contestants, contestant #7: Shana Noble.



This is Shana Noble’s first Bachelor challenge! Welcome!

Shana: Hi! I’m very excited but nervous to be here. While I’m very much looking forward to meeting the Bachelor, living with a bunch of strangers doesn’t sound all that fun. For the most part, I plan to just ignore the other girls and do my own thing. I love being outdoors…gardening, horseback riding, enjoying nature, fishing, swimming…I like it all. I adore horses, and my profession is equestrian. I love sushi and French music and my favorite color is lime.

Message to the Bachelor:

“I grew up in Lucky Palms and was raised by my dad and his dad (my Grandpa). I love long walks on the beach and horseback riding, and above all being silly!”


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