Contestant #2: Abby Sheldon

If you’re new to this season of the Bachelor please check out the Sebastian tag for previous posts.

Now to introduce our contestants, contestant #2: Abby Sheldon.


Abby was the second contestant to leave the Bachelor challenge, so it is clear she wasn’t right for Chauncey. Will Sebastian be more her style?

Abby: Chauncey wasn’t my type and I wasn’t his. He was a great guy, and we got a long fine…but it was clear there wasn’t anything meaningful between us. I’m very excited to have another opportunity on the Bachelor! I like to develop friendships before pursuing romance, so I am a bit fearful this Bachelor won’t have enough patience for me.

Horses are my passion in life. I have a naturally affinity for horses and they will always be a major part of my life. In fact, I hope to own, breed and ride horses for a living.  You may think it’s silly but my ultimate dream is to befriend a unicorn- I’m a believer in fairy tales! Let’s hope this Bachelor is my Prince Charming! My favorite color is purple, my favorite food is cheesesteak and I prefer to listen to R&B.


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