Quick Update!

We make our own Christmas gifts, so this time of year is a bit crazy (well, it is even if you don’t make your own gifts, lol!). All my freetime has been dedicated to gifts, and then preparing for Christmas eve festivities. My other half has also been home a lot of evenings recently and when that happens we like playing Civ 5 together.

I’ll be going back to playing the Sims real soon (maybe even tonight) now that all our Christmas stuff is basically set. Very much looking forward to our new Bachelor challenge and some new contestants to download/make! Also, rumor has it that I may be getting a couple stuff packs for Christmas, so perhaps some new clothes and items will make an appearance. Very exciting. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who keeps up with the blog, and especially to those of you who participate! The Bachelor challenges are SO much more fun thanks to you!



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