After the Bachelor: Chauncey & Angela’s New Place

Chauncey and Angela have begun their new life together, and their first step was to buy a new home.


Their home is quite spacious with 3 bedrooms and a large spacious play/rec/workout room upstairs. 

The first thing Angela decided to do was exercise, of course. Chauncey took out his laptop, of course.


But it didn’t take long for them to start interrupting each other’s productivity.



How am I ever going to earn any completion challenge points with these two? Good gravy…do I need to take autonomous romantic interactions away from you two?


Chauncey, when not making out with Angela, has expressed a desire to research alchemy. There wasn’t a decent place to put the equipment in the house, so we built him a shed in the backyard.


Chauncey also desired to take a cooking class at the local restaurant.


Discussing baby shoes during breakfast


Chauncey invited a vampire over for dinner.


They decorated the mantel of the fireplace in their bedroom with souvenirs from their time in the Bachelor- a picture of them in the photo booth and several vases of flowers.



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