The Final Bouquet


Autumn has arrived in Moonlight Falls and so has the final day of Chauncey’s Bachelor Challenge. Today he will ask someone to marry him.


The venue is all prepared the beach at Moonlight Point with a reception to follow on the deck.


Chauncey has a difficult decision to make. He must choose between two gorgeous women with very different personalities. Frenchie has much in common with him. They had deep and interesting conversations, but was that enough? He had very little in common with Angela, and yet he liked who he was around her. They were comfortable together, but she kept him on his toes and pushed him to try new things.


Chauncey is confident about his decision. Really, it came down to a matter of which of the women had invaded his thoughts, the one he wanted to be with right this moment. Perhaps he also has a hunch that this same woman also has been thinking about him, and is wishing with all her heart to marry him.

A contestant has arrived on the beach! Angela has arrived…will he send her away or propose a life together?


And what would she say if he did propose?


Looks like we won’t have to wait long to find out! It seems Chauncey has chosen Angela! What will she say?


She seems surprised!


That looks like a yes to me!


She seems quite fascinated with the ring…Well, it is quite shiny. Well done, Chauncey.




Time to get ready for the wedding!



Hey…isn’t that the fairy cop who didn’t catch the burglar?

Screenshot-392 Screenshot-393

What? No, I’m not crying. Seriously.


Time for cake!

And some dancing by torchlight!


And finally, a return home, Angela is quite exhausted!

Up Next: Submit contestants for our next Bachelor! Followed by updates on Angela and Chauncey’s life together!


3 thoughts on “The Final Bouquet

    • đŸ™‚

      I figured you would be! I’ve known for several posts now, since there’s a delay between my gaming and my posting. It’s been SO difficult to keep my mouth shut!

      It’s an odd pairing, but I’m confident they’ll be happy. They are SO cute together.

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