The Final Round: Angela


Angela’s three day stay began in the evening. During the night, Angela and Chauncey awoke to find a burglar in the house! The burglar stole a couch and then proceeded to the office…Angela quickly got out of bed and called the cops, while Chauncey attempted to get in the way of the burglar’s escape (it was a narrow hall with some stairs). Chauncey’s method worked and the police officer, a fairy, arrived in time. However, the officer let the robber run past her and into his getaway car without chasing him. They need to add some werewolves to this squad…sheesh.



The following morning Angela, like Frenchie, came down with a case of domesticity. While Chauncey was working, she purchased a washer and dryer, as well as a new recipe.


Unlike Frenchie, this was followed up by a workout at the gym.


On Chauncey’s day off, they also threw a party. Only a party of Chauncey’s could be THIS supernatural!



Angela and Chauncey were more into each other than their guests. They kept sneaking off to quieter parts of the house to indulge in some romance.


They did this several times throughout the whole party. They talked to a guest, but then go find each other…the above picture was taken when I couldn’t find them for a moment (a ghost party is quite entertaining), only to discover them flirting in the bathroom, of all places.


To make the party yet more interesting and Chauncey-appropriate, it was the full moon and zombie began to sprout up. Hey- isn’t that the same zombie that frightened Angela and she subsequently challenged to a hot-dog eating competition? He’s back for revenge!


On the third and final day, while Chauncey was at work, Angela went and had her fortune told. Fun!


After work, Chauncey kept trying to work on his laptop, but Angela kept interrupting him to talk about all sorts of things…and to flirt…and to hug…and to kiss…Likewise, though, when Angela went off to clean or cook, Chauncey would interrupt her.


They are really quite affectionate with each other.

Now then, does Chauncey want a life full of constant interruptions by a loving and attentive wife? Or does he want someone who shares his interests? Does he prefer productivity or affection?

Find out the winner of the Bachelor challenge in the next post!


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