The Final Round: Frenchie

Our final round consists of each of the contestants spending three full days living with the Bachelor in his home. The Bachelor will go back to work, and the two will carry out a somewhat normal schedule. This is to see how well the lovebirds can get along when not in a romantic setting.

First up, we have Frenchie:


Upon moving back home, Chauncey’s primary non-romantic focus was to begin writing this science fiction novel that he’s been itching to write for quite sometime.


Frenchie wanted to go out- in the rain (that’s why she’s dripping wet)- to obtain a new recipe. Apparently, living with Chauncey is inspiring her to be domestic.


During her three days, Frenchie spent most of her time going out to explore the area and meet new people.



She managed to enter herself into a hot dog eating contest with a bunch of supernatural folk.


When Frenchie was home, she spent a lot of time on the office computer chatting with people- she’s a bit of a social butterfly. Her and Chauncey kept up their relationship with occasional conversations, but they mainly did their own thing.


On Chauncey’s day off, they threw a party (they both wanted one!). They spent most of the evening talking with their guests. Abby Sheldon, a former contestant, was one of the guests and I’m fairly certain she was hitting on Frenchie.

During her stay, Frenchie craved social interaction, but apparently didn’t wish to interrupt Chauncey, so she tended to find it elsewhere. It showed that she can be independent and fulfill her own needs, and let Chauncey work…but did she do this too much? Her interest in meeting new people and interacting with supernaturals is something Chauncey finds appealing. She displays a level of curiosity about life similar to his own. Does Chauncey see a future with Frenchie?


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