Day 29: Almost there…

Host: Wow. Only one more elimination after this one, you’re almost there!

Chauncey: Yeah…it feels very strange, but I’m looking forward to the end. I can’t wait to get married, start a family, and get back to writing books.

Host: How difficult was this decision?

Chauncey: Definitely the most difficult one I’ve had to make. All three ladies are wonderful and, frankly, way too good for the likes of me. I’m very fortunate that they are showing interest in me. Honestly, this decision came down to what I’m looking for in a long term relationship. I want someone fun and interesting, but also someone who is supportive and caring. I need a balance of the two.


My first bouquet went to Frenchie…she’s a bit quirky, but so am I…and I like that about her. She’s very fun and has a childlike sensibility, while still be caring and sensitive to others.


The other bouquet I gave to Angela. While we are very different, I think we bring out the best in each other. She’s easy to be with. We have a close connection. Also, I think she’d make an excellent mother.


I hate to say goodbye to Lisa, but while the chemistry was there…I just didn’t see us in the long term. She’s a wonderful gal, but I think she needs someone who is more social than I am.


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