Day 27 & 28: China, continued…


See! This dude is serious threat. Every time I checked up on contestants who were not out on their dates, this guy was making an appearance.


Frenchie and Chauncey went to a park for their date to enjoy the scenic beauty of China.


They talked quite a bit and had some very involved, deep discussion on things.


Lastly, Lisa had her date. Things started off pretty romantic, and I thought they were going to end up just staying in her room the whole time. :::wink:::


But Angela came to crash the party! Hmm…perhaps she is a bit more interested than we all thought? Or perhaps just competitive?


Lisa and Chauncey decided to go out exploring. They were sharing a romantic moment, when a skinny dipper interrupted!


Lisa decided that actually sounded like a good idea, and proceeded to do the same. Chauncey was very much not impressed, and found a place to sit and read his book.


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