Day 26: A Trip to China


Our next round takes us to China where the three remaining contestants each have one-on-ones dates. The dates are done in a choose-your-own-adventure style where the contestants get to pick where they go and what they do. Angela was up first.


Chauncey wanted to meet some locals, so they headed over the to marketplace. While Chauncey was chatting with a local merchant, Angela decided a dip in the decorative pools of water was appropriate.


What a strong jaw line!


They read together at the market….not very adventurous of them…Who goes to China to read?


Meanwhile, back at the hostel…This “explorer” starts chatting up our other contestants. This guy was a problem the whole time we were here, man! For some reason, both Frenchie and Lisa found him attractive.


Who goes to China to read? The same two who go to China to play football. Well, they had fun…and probably confused the locales.

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