Day 25: Round 5 Elimination

Host: It’s time for another elimination…

Chauncey: Yes, this elimination is more emotionally taxing than the eliminations before it….though eliminating Charlie was difficult, as well. I’ve developed relationships with all of these ladies and it pains me to say goodbye to any of them, but it must be done.


Lisa and I have a mutual attraction for each other. Lisa is honest and confident, she’s not afraid to express her emotions nor is she afraid to point out things she disapproves of. Our relationship is simple and uncomplicated.


Angela and I are completely different, but it makes are time together interesting and full of surprises. I think Angela would help me to grow as a person. Honestly, my biggest concern is the romance. I’d consider Angela a very good friend, but I’m still waiting for the passion.


And my final bouquet goes to Frenchie. I feel like Frenchie fits into my life well…she’s shown interest in literature, journalism, video games and the supernatural. I think Frenchie would show genuine interest and support in all of my career and personal goals.

Sadly, this means I need to say goodbye to Tamina. Tamina & I started off hot…there is no denying I’m extremely attracted to her, but I feel like our relationship has stopped progressing. We don’t have an emotional or intellectual connection.


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