Seasonal Changes

As my fellow Simmers will know, a new expansion recently came out for The Sims 3 that brought seasons and weather to the world of the Sims.

I’m a huge fan of seasons and holidays, and I was torn by my desire for my Simmies to experience the full seasonal cycle during their short lifetimes with my desire to have the game reflect the mood of the real world season. I compromised (with myself?) and here is the result.

Seasons will vary in length based on the real world season- the Sims live in a world that is inside my computer box…who says their seasonal changes should behave like ours do?

Real Life Month/Season                                    Seasonal Cycle in the Sims

November (late fall)                                          Spring- 4; Summer- 8; Fall- 28; Winter- 16

December (early winter)                                 Spring- 8; Summer- 4; Fall- 16; Winter- 28

January (winter)                                                 Spring- 12; Summer- 4; Fall- 12; Winter- 28

February (late winter)                                      Spring-16; Summer- 4; Fall- 8; Winter- 28

March (early spring)                                         Spring- 28; Summer- 8; Fall- 4; Winter- 16

April (spring)                                                        Spring- 28; Summer- 12; Fall- 4; Winter- 12

May (late spring)                                                 Spring- 28; Summer- 16; Fall- 4; Winter- 8

June (early summer)                                         Spring- 16; Summer- 28; Fall- 8; Winter- 4

July (summer)                                                      Spring- 12; Summer- 28; Fall- 12; Winter- 4

August (late summer)                                         Spring- 8; Summer- 28; Fall- 16; Winter- 4

September (early fall)                                        Spring- 4; Summer- 16; Fall- 28; Winter- 8

October (fall)                                                        Spring- 4; Summer- 12; Fall- 28; Winter- 12



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