Day 23 & 24: Remaining 1 on 1 Dates


Lisa & Chauncey went to the summer festival again, as it was Leisure Day (the summer holiday). Lisa challenged Chauncey to a water balloon fight.


Like their last date, things went well…a simple, romantic date.




Chauncey decided that reading by candlelight at the wooden table would be fun…so he wandered off and did that in the evening.

While Lisa participated in a hot dog eating contest.


The final date of round 4 was with Tamina. Tamina asked to go to a bar or club, so they headed to the karaoke bar.


After singing downstairs and hanging out in a lounge upstairs, they went outside to watch the stars.


And then had a water balloon fight…got to take advantage of summer while it’s here, no? Chauncey and Tamina had a great date with lots of romance.


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