Day 21 & 22: Round 5 Dates Begin


This is a leftover product of the festival…Angela & Chauncey got a photo in the photobooth at the summer festival!



Since we are down to four contestants, we will only have one-on-one this round. No challenge, no group date….and relationships are assessed after each date. Chauncey and Angela went to a SimFest, but sadly no one performed! So, they just hung out.

They played arcade games, chatted, and had drinks from the bar. The date went well! There wasn’t much in the way of romance, but they left the best of friends.


The second date was with Frenchie…Frenchie wanted to see a movie, so they went to an afternoon matinee.


Followed by an elegant dinner. After dinner, they chatted for awhile outside.


I thought this was ADORABLE. They both opened books to read at the same time…yes, perhaps this could mean they were bored with each other, but it could also mean they think alike.


Before they left, they tossed around the football for awhile. At the end of the evening, Chauncey was feeling pretty good about Frenchie.



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