Day 19: A Group Date Worth Remembering!


Apparently Bonehilda is also a computer repair technician.


The fourth group date brings us to the summer festival.


Well, that’s a weird way to skate! At first, I thought this guy was doing some kind of crazy moves, but it turned out just to be a werewolf running ’round and ’round! He wasn’t stuck since he later got out, but he must have been skating when he turned!


Charlie was the first brave soul to try her hand (foot?) at skating.


Angela decided it was time for a hot-dog eating contest. She patiently waited until other folks decided to join her.


Whoa, Charlie! Getting a little friendly with the locals!


Chauncey gets some pirate face paint!


Time for the eating contest!


Charlie wins!


Angela and Chauncey play some soccer. Yeah, she totally kicked his ass.


When darkness finally settled over the town, Tamina went about setting off the fireworks at the festival.




Lisa spent the day lounging around the pool (it was hot out!)


Angela stole an opportunity to chat up Chauncey some.


A ghost appeared, and immediately decided to slap the crap out of Tamina.


Yet another eating contest!


How rude! A zombie attacked Angela!


So, she challenged him to an eating contest!


Frenchie ate a snowcone and watched the shenanigans with a bored expression….at least the snow cone turned her tongue green.


Charlie’s skating has quite improved!


Chauncey ended up making friends with the ghost that slapped Tamina….typical Chauncey.


After she was slapped, Tamina left and was the first one to sleep.


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