Day 17: Round 4 Challenge

The round 4 challenge is a simple cook-off! Chauncey likes to eat, but doesn’t know how to cook. A partner who knows how would be a great benefit to his health.

Round 1: Each contestants makes a single dish. The contestant(s) with the best quality win…subsequent rounds are added as needed to break ties.

First up…Angela!



Angela is considered the best cook in the house, but her waffles only come out “normal” today. How disappointing!


Next up, we have Frenchie…


Her pancakes are of a surprisingly “nice” quality.


Next up we have Lisa!


Whose simple PBJ sandwiches earn her a “nice”.


Fourth in the competition we have Charlie…whose dish I forgot to photograph….Charlie made Mac n’ Cheese, I believed and earned a “normal”.


And finally, we have Tamina…whose Autumn salad was simple a “normal”.

That leaves 2 competitors for round 3: Frenchie and Lisa.


Frenchie is up first….


She makes “very nice” Goopy Carbonara! Who doesn’t love Goopy Carbonara?


And then she runs out of the kitchen screaming and flailing because Bonehilda is there…and Frenchie likes to run away from her.


And finally we have Lisa, can her tofu dogs compete with Frenchie’s very nice goopy carbonara?


The tofu dogs are a disappointment and earn an average “normal” quality.


Frenchie wins another challenge!


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