Day 16b: After the Elimination

I captured a lot of moments in between the elimination and the fourth round challenge…


Argus, the doctor-at-the-beach, called Angela and they chatted for awhile.


The slightly neurotic Frenchie likes to brush her teeth three times, in a row…and runs around the house making sure all the faucets are turned off.


Angela…really need to change your workout clothes since you ALWAYS wear them! Anyway, Angela decided the Bachelor needed to get in better shape, so she started training him! He is quite scrawny, so I don’t blame her.


Lisa won a toy out of the claw machine in the garage…a toy robot, I believe…so she decided to give it to Frenchie…who apparently collects toys now.


Oh my! Things are heating up in the Bachelor house! Charlie decides that she should make a play for the one-on-one date tomorrow, and puts the moves on the Bachelor. Tamina is NOT amused.


And so she retaliates…


Meanwhile, Dr. Argus calls Angela AGAIN and asks to go out on a date. Angela declines…she hardly knows the guy, and she’s kind of in the middle of a…complicated relationship. Also, two calls in one day? Creepy.


Lisa enjoys some virtual football before bed.


Chauncey dreams of his future library.


2 thoughts on “Day 16b: After the Elimination

    • He’s alright…you can see him in the last group date…the beach one. He’s the guy in scrubs who randomly joined the picnic. He was immediately attracted to Angela.

      Mind you, I was completely surprised by the relationship scores I looked at last night…it seems as though Angela and Chauncey have become good friends without me noticing. I’m concerned for her, though. Competition is getting rough now.

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