Day 16: Round 3 Elimination

Host: Are you feeling better about this round?

Chauncey: Definitely. The one-on-one and the group date were both fantastic. My date with Tamina was excellent…there’s definitely the potential for romance there, and she’s not freaked out by zombies! And I had some great conversations with the girls at the beach.

Host: Was your decision easier this round?

Chauncey: Yes. While it is always a difficult decision to send someone home, I feel like I have a good sense of which relationships have potential and which don’t.

Bouquet #1 goes to…

….the winner of the Round 3 challenge, CHARLIE is safe this round.


The second rose goes to the current front-runner, TAMINA!


Bouquet number three goes to LISA, despite her little outburst at the beach when she pointed out all his flaws! Apparently, the Bachelor likes a woman to tell it like it is.


The fourth bouquet goes to ANGELA….no sparks have flown between them yet, but they do get along well enough.

And the fifth and final bouquet goes to….




Abby, I’m sorry, but this means you’ll have to pack your things and leave the mansion.



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