Day 15: Group Date #3

In between the one-on-one and group date:

Lisa gets some time with Bachelor.

Angela begins to act as Tamina’s exercise coach.

Abby plays a solo foosball game in her pjs.

Ghost stories before bed….isn’t this group sick of ghost stories yet?

Charlie has a bit of a freak out, and Chauncey gets her to calm down.

The group date was at the beach.

Angela: Wait…we can swim in the oceans and lakes? Why didn’t anyone tell me this? This is so much better than a boring pool!

Lisa: Hmm…I’ve never seen anyone actually swim in an ocean…like every.

Charlie: Yeah, me neither.

Lisa: We just must have never thought of it before?

Angela: Weird! Hey, I guess we invented something new!

Who reads at the beach? I mean, even if your afraid of the water, there are a bunch of hot chicks in bikinis running around? Oh, Chauncey.

Angela is the first to come out of the water and chat with Chauncey. She asks him questions about being a writer.

And things get a bit flirtatious, just before another contestant drops by…

I think this is Abby…Charlie and Abby have similar side profiles, due to their hair. Abby’s hair is more red, though.

Next, Lisa stops by…and goes on a small rampage pointing out the Bachelor’s flaws. Apparently, she finds it absolutely ridiculous he won’t go swimming.

Yeah, I think this one is Charlie.

This doctor guy joined our picnic, and took a particular interest in Angela.

Frenchie didn’t interact much with the group after some swimming because she found a claw machine….And you know how, very occasionally, you’ll discover a claw machine that wants to give out toys (I personally have had this experience…I wonder if my sister remembers it?). Yeah, Frenchie had that happen to her. She won: a toy alligator, 2 friendly freezer bunnies, a Scary Bearys: Mummy, and a toy yeti.


When Chauncey finally found her, she tried to flirt with him…but it was too little too late!


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