Day 14: Third Challenge- Part 2

Last episode, the third challenge- the video game challenge- was interrupted due to a broken television set.

It was too late in the evening to attempt another match, so the round was rescheduled for the following morning.


Lisa talks very animatedly with Chauncey, while a grumpy looking repair man goes about fixing the television. He’s probably jealous of Chauncey since Chauncey has a house full of gorgeous women.


Once again, Tamina, Charlie and Lisa square off.


This time, Tamina is the first to leave.


Then, Lisa. The winner of round 2 is Charlie! Now Charlie and Frenchie will need to go head-to-head in round 3.



And Frenchie gets distracted by something outside.

Charlie wins! And is safe from elimination in round 3!


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