Day 13: The Third Round Challenge

Host: For the third round challenge, the contestants will be judge by how long they can sit and play a video game. Chauncey, what is the purpose of this challenge?

Chauncey: Well, I’m a huge fan of computer and console games- I’m a bit of a nerd. I’d love for my future wife to be someone whom I could sit down and play video games with. It’s not a deal breaker, of course. And my career in journalism keeps me pretty busy, so I’m not looking to have repeat sessions of today’s marathon. ::chuckles:: I’m just look to see who enjoys games and friendly competition, and I can also see how they react in a competitive and group situation. Are they sore losers, gracious winners? It can show a lot about someone’s character.

Group One:


Angela, Frenchie and Abby were the first to compete.


Lisa stood in front of Angela, and she was the first to get up- sabotage!


Abby decided to get a snack…so that left Frenchie as the winner of the first round!


Tamina, Lisa and Charlie competed in round 2.

Lisa was the first to leave. Also, Angela decided that she wanted to play again…and joined in. It doesn’t count for anything, but perhaps the Bachelor will notice her enthusiasm?


Oh no! A broken television made this round come to a grinding halt! The competition will have to continue tomorrow after the repairman shows up.

Meanwhile, Abby seeks out the Bachelor for some stolen one-on-one time. Not only does she make someĀ flirtatious comments, she also takes an interest in his favorite topic- the supernatural. Note how Abby is thinking about how to get a bouquet this round!



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