Day 12: A Day of Rest


After the horrendous round we just had, I decided everyone deserved a day of rest. Everyone took care of their needs, and then we worked on getting some wishes accomplished. Several of the ladies were still interested in the purchase of the coffin mentioned at the beginning of the season- so we got one.


We didn’t realize, at the time, that it came with a skeleton maid! Bonehilda freaks out some of the contestants, but she’s providing some much needed maid services!


Especially with Tamina complaining about the dishes.


Pillow fights- a good way to relieve some built up anxiety.


Charlie and Lisa have become good friends.


A claw machine was also added to the house, thanks to Charlie. She saw one on her one-on-one date, and she hasn’t stopped thinking about one since.


And it provided much entertainment. Oh, and Angela likes to run around in equestrian clothes…that’s not her actual everyday outfit, but she seems to prefer it.


Frenchie spends some time working out.


Some contestants take advantage of the free time, and chat up our Bachelor. Unfortunately, Tamina is unable to hide her boredom when Chauncey starts discussing computers.


Lisa’s conversation, however, goes much better.


Tamina takes an interest in cooking.

Sorry for the sparse captions, I’m trying to catch up in blog posting so I can play. 🙂 We had a bit of a delay because a) I’ve been busy and b) I had to wait for my mods to update to the new patch.  Chauncey isn’t happy about the patch since swimming in the oceans and lakes is now an option!


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