Day 11: Another Elimination Round

It’s time for the second elimination. After such a disappointing round, how will our Bachelor make his decision?


The following morning, I found Lisa sleeping on the ground outside the lounge. The girl knows how to party.


However, she does not know how to get back home.


As usual, Chauncey is found in the library reading and thinking.

I didn’t manage to capture a picture of the conversation held by Angela and Chauncey, but it may be a critical one this round. Angela chatted with Chauncey about her exercise routine, and she happened to mention swimming in the pool. Chauncey is hydrophobic…he did not respond well!


Time for the elimination!

Host: How did this week go, Chauncey?

Chauncey: This week was a bit awkward. Charlie is difficult to get to know. I was hoping our one-on-one time would open her up a little, but she’s very distant. The second group date was a disaster! I hardly got to chat with anyone, and everyone was grouchy. I don’t feel like it accomplished anything. And finally, I’m not comfortable with the elimination situation….I don’t really feel like I’ve learned anything this round.

Host: The first bouquet goes to….Frenchie! Frenchie was safe this round since she one the supernatural pal challenge.


Host: The second person to receive a bouquet is Charlie!

Chauncey: I’m not done learning about Charlie yet. She acts different from the other girls, and that interests me.


Host: Third bouquet goes to Tamina!

Chauncey: I still find Tamina very attractive, and our relationship is pretty strong compared to the other relationships I have here.


Host: The fourth person to get a bouquet is Abby!

(Not pictured) The fifth person to get a bouquet is Angela!

Chauncey: I’m concerned that I’m not active enough to keep up with Angela. Besides, I hear we are going to be getting an upgrade that lets us swim at the beach soon, and I know Angela will want to do that. I DON’T swim!


Host: Wait! What’s this?

Chauncey: Honestly, I would have sent Frenchie home this week. Despite her knack for making werewolf friends, we really haven’t hit it off. However, she did earn her safety this round, and I’m happy to give her another chance since this week’s group date didn’t give me a chance to spend much time with her. However, that isn’t fair to Lisa…so I’ve decided everyone is safe this round!


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