Day 8: Round 2 Challenge

Chauncey is a fan of the supernatural. He enjoys interviewing, learning and writing about them. It’s his life’s passion. Therefore, Chauncey Grimm is looking for a woman who isn’t afraid of the supernatural. He wants to continue living in Moonlight Falls where there is a high supernatural population. The future Mrs. Grimm will need to interact with supernaturals often.

Today’s challenge: Befriend a supernatural! Starting at 10am, the singles had to find a supernatural and get acquainted with them. The contestants had until 5pm.


Angela is feeling bold early in the morning and goes skinny dipping in the hot tub.


Frenchie spends her leisure time playing video games.


Tamina opts to read in the library.


Lisa is still sleeping.


At 10am, the contestants spread out visiting interesting locations in the town. Charlie went to the Arboretum- rumored to be a fairy hotspot.


Frenchie heads to the werewolf party and immediately finds a werewolf!


Abby found a fairy bartender at a different tavern!


Lisa had a slow start since she spent some extra time sleeping, but eventually she wound up in the curio shop, chatting with a vampire.


Tamina didn’t have any luck at the first park she went to, so she went to the house of the Crumplebottom sisters (to see Belinda, the witch she met on her first date), but no one was home.


Lisa and the vampire chick.


Tamina eventually gives up and sits down to read. Angela also visited a few different spots without finding a single supernatural.


In the end, Frenchie had a strong lead on everyone else with her new werewolf friends. Frenchie is safe from elimination this round!


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