Day 7: And then there was 6…

Welcome back to the Moonlight Falls Bachelor competition!

Today is the first elimination day!

Host: Chauncey, how has this first round gone?

Chauncey: Very well, I think. I’ve really hit it off with a couple of ladies and I’m interested in a few others. My date with Tamina went fairly well, though I didn’t really feel the sparks like I was hoping I would.

Host: How easy was your decision this week?

Chauncey: It was actually pretty tough, a couple of girls I didn’t really feel like I got to know very well, and it was difficult choosing between them.

Host: Any romantic feelings yet?

Chauncey: Not yet, but I don’t like to jump in to these things. I’d like to get to know everyone first. I’ve shared some minor flirtations with a couple ladies…


Early in the morning on elimination day, Charlie sought out Chauncey and had a private conversation with him. Perhaps explaining why she bailed on the date before?


For the remainder of the afternoon, Chauncey sat reading in the library and thinking things over in his mind. At 5pm, it was time for the first round of eliminations….

And the first flower bouquet goes to….


Tamina won the first impression challenge, so she was safe from elimination! Aside from that, however, Chauncey had a good time on their date and he finds her the most attractive.


The next bouquet goes to Charlie! Her private conversation with him this morning must have really gone well!


The third bouquet goes to Lisa!


And the fourth goes to Angela!

And the fifth to Abby!

Only one bouquet remains! The person who does not get this bouquet will be headed home!


And the sixth and final bouquet goes to Frenchie!


Sara packed up and moved out immediately. Don’t worry, Sara, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the next competition!


Chauncey winds down the evening by playing a game.

Next up: Round 2 challenge!



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