Day 6: First Group Date


For the first group date the party of seven went to the local pub for conversation, drinks and music. Angela and Chauncey shared some of their likes and dislikes.


Frenchie wasn’ afraid to break up the duo and get some face time for herself.


Most of the ladies spent some time with Chauncey. Sara, unfortunately, did not seem to like the group setting and was shy and elusive throughout the night. Will it hurt her chances in tomorrow’s elimination?


Maybe not! Charlie dislike the group environment so much that she left! She went home, had a nice bath and went to bed early. Charlie decided competing for short conversations with Chauncey wasn’t worth her time. Uh-oh!


As is the way with this group, the night ended with the swapping of ghost stories (a trend that Angela started and has NOT stopped…maybe it’s the fault of this spooky town?). The ladies even managed to convince the cute bartender to stop serving for awhile and join them, lol.


Some of the ladies partied a little too hard, and had trouble making it upstairs to bed that night!

Next up: The Elimination! Who will get sent home?


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