Day 5: First Single Date


Chauncey chose Tamina as his first one-on-one date.


Moonlight Point, a park on the beach was the destination for their date. Moonlight Point has a beach, picnic tables, grills, foosball, a bar, and some other amenities.


The date started off very well…in fact, it took them a couple hours before they wandered a way from the door as they were so engaged in their conversations.


Next, they had a friendly game of foosball.


Then, Chauncey and Tamina lost their momento…they got distracted by fairies…


And crazy Crumplebottoms…there was also some reading and stone skipping, and then the dated winded down in a very anti-climatic manner.


Back at home, things were pretty quiet…Angela was working out, then there was some TV watching and Frenchie was telling a ghost story.


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