Day 4: First Impression Challenge!

Today is the day the ladies meet our Bachelor! The Bachelor moved into the house in the morning, and the ladies were introduced one by one, as they were ready. After a brief conversation with each, the Bachelor was able to wander about the mansion interacting with ladies as he desired.

Angela and Chauncey discussed the answer to the age old question: “If a Yeti wore shoes, what kind would he wear?”


Abby loitered around after her turn to interrupt the Bachelor’s conversation with Frenchie with some references to the theater. Charlie quietly observed the interactions from the back of the room while pretending to play a game on the computer.


Frenchie paid the interruption forward by butting in to the conversation Chauncey was having with Charlie. Frenchie wanted to know more about his life as a journalist.


Sara also asked him about his writing.


Our Bachelor felt a bit overwhelmed by meeting all the women, and he kept running back to the library to read.


Eventually he just sneaked off to bed!

Host: So, Chauncey, do you think your future wife is among these women?

Chauncey: I sure hope so! These ladies are wonderful. Gorgeous, intelligent, interesting, creative. I would be the luckiest man alive if one of them would agree to be my wife.

Host: Anyone in particular catch your eye so far?

Chauncey: To be honest, yes. I feel a strong attraction for Tamina. I think Lisa is also someone I’d like to get to know better.

Host: So, who will be earning the first impression rose and therefore will be safe from the next elimination?

Chauncey: Hmm….it’s a tough decision because I had some really great conversations. However, one person in particular stands out in my mind…we had a really good conversation and I’m quite attracted to her. I’m going to go with….TAMINA.

Stepping over to the ladies side…

Host: Anything interesting going on in the house?

Angela: I’d like to become friends with Charlie…She’s always off doing her own thing and I find that interesting. She’s not involved in the drama. Also, I think we should buy a coffin for the house. Yes, I’m serious! Chauncey loves the supernatural, this whole town gives off a creepy paranormal vibe, and we’ve been telling lots of ghost stories…I think it’d make an awesome decoration for the house!

Frenchie: So, I think I want to become a journalist. I think I’d make a fabulous, and fashionable, weathergirl. Hmm…I need to workout more. Oh, look a hot tub, we should make use of that soon. I forgot to make my bed, be right back.

Abby: I agree with Angela about the coffin thing!

Sara: I also want to make friends with Charlie, and I’d like to meet some more people around this town. These girls are driving me nuts!

Lisa: I’m going to put a third vote on the coffin thing.

Charlie: I’d like to get something nice for Lisa and become friends with Sara. Also, I’d like to explore the town more and meet the folks who live here.



One thought on “Day 4: First Impression Challenge!

  1. Hm…my simself is being a bit TOO much like me! I am one of those “I’m not throwing myself out there” kind of ladies. I never chased a guy or tried to convince one to like me. Thankfully, my husband wasn’t afraid to pursue! If Chauncey isn’t a “hunter” then he might miss out on the awesome chance to be with Angela! 😉

    Fun story so far! Can’t wait to read more!


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