Meet the Bachelor!

Greetings! My name is Chauncey Grimm. Yes, it is possible I’m related to the infamous Grimm storytellers.  In fact, I, myself, am a writer. I’ve written books about the supernatural. I don’t believe it is all fairy tales, though. That is why I’ve moved to Moonlight Falls. It is thought that the supernatural dwell in this quaint little town.

I’m currently working as a weatherman, though I’m a journalist by trade. There isn’t a lot of money in writing, so I go where the work is and Moonlight Falls needed some to report the weather! In addition to the supernatural and writing, I’m also a huge fan of computer games and computers, in general.  I’m also an avid reader. Hmm…I suppose I’m coming off as a bit nerdy. Oh well, the ladies were bound to figure it out sooner or later. Let’s see…I’m a fan of Irish green, hamburgers and indie music.

I know I’m not quite as handsome, or as athletic, or as charismatic, or as wealthy as the ladies were probably hoping for. But I’m looking for a woman who sees past all those characteristics, anyway. I want a wife who is smart, independent, can carry a conversation, has a variety of interests and has a passion for learning more about the world around her.


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