Days 1 – 3: The Pre-Bachelor Days

The first three days the singles spent at the mansion consisted of just hanging out- getting accustomed to each other and to their temporary home.

Charlie and Lisa spent some time watching TV together. Charlie wasn’t really in to socializing with the whole group, but she didn’t mind the company of individuals.

Frenchie, the stylist, spent a lot of time looking at , and talking to, herself in the mirror.

Angela sort of became the mother of the group…making sure everyone’s beds were made and that they all had healthy and timely meals.

Since Lisa and Frenchie spend a lot of time in the bathrooms practicing their charisma skills in front of the mirrors, the bathrooms have become sort of a meeting place for the house. Conversations, such as the one above between Lisa and Angela, are often started in the bathrooms.

Charlie often wanders off on her own and checks out places around the town…such as the nearby stables…

…and the gypsy’s wagon where she got her fortune told.

This is what happens when the other girls get hungry before Angela makes food. Abby eats burnt waffles for breakfast.

Sara spends her time playing the guitar…sometimes with an audience, sometimes without.

Angela flips through a cookbook while Sara plays guitar.

Tamina and Abby have become fast friends since they are both so social. Here they are pictured chatting in the study.


Tamina is trying hard to befriend everyone in the house.


Like Frenchie, Lisa also spends a lot of time in the mirror practicing her social skills.


And there’s Frenchie at it again!


Meanwhile, Charlie is out on the town checking out the local entertainment scene. Here is a photo of the grumpy fairy bouncer she met!


When Charlie isn’t out interviewing gypsies, fairies, and horses, she can usually be found in one of the seating areas watching TV.


Angela, a born mother (and therefore crowd controller), enjoys captivating her new roommates with ghost stories!

Up next we will finally meet the Bachelor! The lucky man who will get to propose to one of these lovely ladies!


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