What’s up with the Bachelor? Delay & Update

I had to pause the Bachelor Challenge because of computer troubles (laptop had to be sent back to the manufacturer for a hardware repair). It’s back now, but they didn’t fix all that they were supposed to- long story. I can use my computer at the moment, but it’s possible there could be another delay in the near future. I was planning on waiting to find out what the plan is, but it’s been a couple weeks now and I’ve decided to go ahead anyway!

If you’re a fan of the FB page, you probably already know that since my last post on here the SUPERNATURAL expansion was released- and I got it! Therefore, I’ve moved the challenge to the new ‘hood known as Moonlight Falls and our Bachelor has changed to a resident of that community. 😉 Sadly, we won’t have any pictures of his childhood to share, but we may end up having a zombie attack mid-challenge…way to spice things up! The new expansion pack also caused a bit of a delay while I had to wait for mods to be updated (some are required for the challenge).

Where are we?

– Contestants have been completed!

– House has been created! (It’s a different one than the last post, thanks to the new ‘hood.)

– Bachelor has been selected!

– The pre-round is completed and will be posted shortly!


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