Bachelor Challenge & a Facebook Page!

The Bachelor Challenge is my favorite Sims challenge, so I couldn’t stay away for long!

And, as usual, I’d like YOU to participate! The challenge is more fun for me to have random Sims…and I feel like folks enjoy the story more when they themselves have submitted a Sim.

Summary of how it works: You click on the link below and fill out a form  to submit a Sim (NO text boxes for descriptions this time, pull-down menus and multiple choice for all aspects…super easy and not intimidating!) You don’t need to have the game, or even know what you are doing. Just answer the questions. I’ll take that information and create a Sim in my game. That Sim will compete against six other Sims to win the heart of the Bachelor. Drama and craziness will (hopefully) ensue. I’ll post frequent updates of the challenge on this blog, and on the new Facebook page. It’s modeled after the reality show, The Bachelor, but way more awesome.

The Googledoc entry form can be found here:

I can only accept SEVEN contestants, so act quickly. 🙂

Unfortunately, I am only setup to take FEMALE contestants this time around. The forms take a while to create (with all the options!) and different genders have different options. Future rounds will have both male and female contestants.

What happened to contestants I’ve submitted previously?

My last game was using The Sims 2, while I was a) being nostalgic and b) needed a new machine. It is possible that I will return to those Sims someday, but for now, Sims 3 has my full attention.

Facebook Page

I’ve created a FB page called Opi’s Sims. I will post blog updates, encourage discussion among participants, and give you juicy pieces of info in between blog posts.


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