Back to The Sims 3 (for now…)

I’ve been playing Sim games since before The Sims….SimCity, SimTown, SimTower, SimIsland, SimPark…I purchased The Sims 1 when it came out and every subsequent expansion. The Sims 2, same deal. The Sims 3…everything but Showtime and the stuff packs….but with The Sims 3 things have been less enjoyable. See when I was younger I was spoiled with good computers that played all the games I wanted them to more than adequately. Now that I’ve grown up and have to pay for my own technology (on grad. student budget), my desktop has remained on the low-end of computers able to play The Sims 3.

With just the base game, things ran slowly and with every new expansion pack the problem grew worse. I began to only play the game for short periods of time with long intervals of non-play in between. Go several months without, miss it, play it, get annoyed with it, stop playing it for another few months, etc… Until finally my desktop decided to stop reading the disk. Other games ran perfectly fine, but it refused to load the Sims 3.

So…I came to the decision to re-install the Sims 2. And as I installed the games I began to realize how much I missed it…university, actual vacations, seasons,weather, romantic chemistry, turn ons/offs, hobbies, old school vampires, aspirations, secondary aspirations, and I’m sure I could go on. I played the Sims 2 enthusiastically and enjoyed it very much. There is a certain humor to the Sims 2 that TS3 is lacking.

As I played it, however, I began to miss the Sims 3. I find explaining why I missed Sims 3 is more challenging…primarily it was a bunch of small little things that created more variety.

Then, I got a new laptop…one that is meant for gaming, so I installed the Sims 3.

WOW. It’s so awesome when it runs at the proper speed, when people are walking around town, and when the graphics are set to a decent setting.

Therefore, I am back to playing the Sims 3 for awhile. I don’t think I’m done with the Sims 2, though. They are both great games, just different and I think I could go back and forth between them. But for now I will be making good use of my new toy and enjoying the shininess of the Sims 3.


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